Lynsey and Phil are the husband and wife team who run Awen Alive ceramics.

We work from home in Mid Cornwall after moving from the Midlands in 2005.

Moving to Cornwall was a massive dream for us, so it was wonderful to finally make the move to this most magical part of the uk.

We decided to go into ceramics after several years buying and selling on the festival circuit.  Seeing a gap in the market for individually hadmade items to challenge the resin made/mass produced Chinese items seen in almost every gift shop in the uk.

Phil has many years of creative experience and Lynsey has been doing this over the last 6 years.  We are both self taught and thoroughly enjoy what we do.  We really hope that this shows in our products.

All of our items are indiviually hand built, we only use the most basic of molds for our plaques, all detail is added on afetrwards.  We make all of our own molds and all of the items are of our own design.

We really hope you like our creations!